bad hair color juju

20 Aug

Today I don’t have pictures of what I’ve “made” because it was pretty awful, actually.

At school there was some kind of mysterious hair color curse afoot. There were a bunch of color-related mishaps and subsequent corrections and redos.

I got a little girl (well, like, 12) who wanted a pink shadowbox and purple bangs. Already this is slightly questionable just because she wanted to keep the rest of her dishwater blonde hair natural – which is kind of a bunch of weird color combinations, but whatevs. The real problem was that pretty much the only vibrant colors we carry at my school are all in the red family (and no true pink). So myself and two of the instructors basically just mixed colors to try to achieve as close a result as we could. What happened was her shadowbox ended up, like, Ronald McDonald red with just a little bit of a pinkish tint, and her bangs ended up this really subdued kind of grayish violet that basically looked like what would happen if you dipped blonde hair in grape kool-aid. But miraculously (or because she was 12) she seemed to love it anyway. I just did not love it. Although I feel like if someone comes in wanting a crazy-ass vibrant red, I now know exactly how to achieve that using our color line.

Then 2 other people also had color issues tonight, and both were worse than mine since they had to attempt to correct it, which I did not. So, although I didn’t love the results I got tonight, the client did, I was done by 8:30 even though I double-processed both sections (lightener then color, I mean), and it could’ve been worse, so I’m alright with it I guess. Let’s just say I’m not chalking it up as a win, but I’m not chalking it up as a loss either.

Plus Tia asked me to help with her mom’s hair because I’m “really good at haircutting”, which was awesome, although I was a minimal help at best since I’m still honing my texturizing skills and that’s what she needed most. But it was nice to be asked for help as though I might know what I’m doing. And then Tina, one of my instructors, said “yea, you are really good”.

I also got my own hair colored while I was at work today, and it looks badass (and that I have a picture of, although not a very high quality one – it’s purple folks)! So although I called a draw with the actual hair color, I call today overall a win!

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