jessica’s bachelorette

19 Sep

For awhile now my posts have for the most part been totally deviating from the whole “stuff I made” unifying theme of the blog. This is mostly just because I’ve been doing more fun stuff which is more fun to write about – this weekend’s bachelorette party for my friend, Jessica, being one awesome instance of such.

Some of her amazing bridesmaids and friends made all the plans for the weekend, and I have to say it was nice to just be able to go to something without having anything at all to do with the planning (plus they did a really good job).

Emilie found this great little rental house up near Mt. Hood (about a mile west of Zigzag) – when I got there I pretty much immediately had to snap a picture it was so damn cute.

One of the girls said it made her feel like Snow White or something – like you were going to sing a song with all the resident fauna. I couldn’t agree more.

I was one of the first ones to arrive so I helped decorate – mostly I just blew up balloons, though.

Once the behemoth car full of the rest of the ladies arrived and everyone had kind of had a look around, we took a somewhat harrowing drive up to The Skyway, which turned out to be a super cute, super delicious little restaurant.

When we got back to the house we kind of just lazed around for a bit before waking from our food comas, and starting to mix up some DRANKS. A couple of people got Jessica gifts, which were both amusing and, hopefully, instructive and useful. We had a discussion about how cock rings work and drank out of penis straws. You know, typical bachelorette party stuff.

I took a bizarrely artful picture of a drink with a penis straw:

We moved to the living room for a bit, and Mary attempted to light a fire but to no avail.

After many more drinks and some wonderful hot tub time, people started dropping off one by one. I got drunker than I’ve been in a really long time (maybe since the first time I ever met Trevor’s mom, which, unfortunately, was pretty damn drunk), and ended my evening by spilling my guts to Sarah, and also doing a lot of that “we should ALL be friends, guys, no, like, really! you girls rock!” type thing that I tend to do on the rare occasions when I am drunk. Which is not to say I didn’t mean it, but just to say that, you know, I may have been a tad bit effusive at the time.

I climbed into the sleeping loft I shared with Sarah – and, btw, I’m pretty amazed neither of us fell off the latter and suffered grevious personal harm – attempted to read my Harry Potter book before deciding I was too drunk, and then passed out.

This morning pretty much everyone was in the same general condition – i.e. hungover and varying degrees of miserable-feeling. I immediately took a shower, and by the time I was out, almost everyone was up and gathered in the dining room once more. I spent the next 3 hours preparing myself to make the drive to work, but I was helped along by pancakes, fruit salad, lots of water, some mad-libs hijinks, and several hi-larious ladies. I laughed pretty much the whole time I was there.

On my drive back into Portland, I stopped at a Starbucks and got a coffee, too. The girls continued on for another night, which I had to miss because of work, but I’m so glad I got to go at all. I love all of Jessica’s friends and am now Facebook-stalking them like mad, which, you know, is how I roll.

The wedding is in two weeks, and I’m so freaking excited! Jessica told me there’s going to be dancing, and as I’m pretty sure this is one of maybe 5 opportunities in my life that I might get to dance with Trevor, we’re totally going to be dancing pretty much all night! I don’t really care what he might have to say about that, it’s just going to happen.

Congratulations, Jessica – not only for your upcoming nuptials, but also for your kick-ass bachelorette weekend!

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  1. Sarah September 19, 2010 at 3:38 pm #

    I had a total blast, hard to tell with that glazed over look in my eyes all weekend. My cheeks are still sore from laughing and smiling all weekend. You got some good pictures, I don’t think I got any decent ones with people in them.

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