it’s the 15th

15 Jan

…so my new year’s resolution of writing one post per week is already out the door. My week-since-the-last-one was up, like, 5 days ago. Sigh.

I went to school every single night this week, and stayed the whole of each night, and I’m going to try desperately to do this for the rest of the YEAR, too, in addition to making up the hours I’ve already missed. Double sigh.

I was doing really well with the whole cooking thing earlier this week, but it’s pretty much been downhill since Wednesday. Tonight I brought home Little Ceasar’s. Triple Sigh.

But there’s some good news:

I got a raise backdated to the first day of our most recent pay period so my paycheck this week was consequently a little nicer than I had previously expected it to be.

I finished reading Pride & Prejudice (again), and now I just found an free app on my phone that has another 5 Austen novels, which I can now read without keeping my husband awake (we hope).

Tonight I watched Jane Austen Book Club (the movie), which I was highly skeptical of and then LOVED. And now I also have a little bit of a crush on Hugh Dancy.

But who wouldn’t?

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