are you guys as pissed as I am?

19 Feb

Where’s the outrage? You can find it here, here, here, and here. (And you can sign Planned Parenthood’s open letter to congress here.) But I haven’t seen it splashed across any front pages yet and most of my Facebook friends are suspiciously (mysteriously?) silent on the matter, although many of them have plenty to say about the fall of the regime in Egypt or the protests in Madison, Wisconsin. How does an attack like this fly so low below the national/societal radar? It feels very much to me like the only ones registering it are those who’ve already been in the fight for so long – but this is such an outright, blatant attack on women that EVERYONE should be up in arms.

Maybe part of it is that people are counting on the bill’s swift defeat in the Senate. I certainly am hoping for that, too. And I can’t believe that, should this bill by some strange twist of fate cross the President’s desk with the Pence amendment intact, he would actually sign it. So all is not lost, yet.

But what bothers me most is not actually the direct repercussions of THIS amendment at THIS moment, but rather what the passage of this amendment in the House says about how quickly and how easily our access to basic preventative medical care can be compromised, redefined or cut off entirely. In turn, this speaks volumes about women’s consequence in the eyes of our politicians. Our health, our very lives, are just budget line items in the eyes of many House Representatives.

Just 3% of the health services Planned Parenthood provides are abortion services, and because of the Hyde Amendment, none of the federal money Planned Parenthood receives goes to providing those abortions. The Pence amendment is redundant where it relates to abortion – and if there is redundancy there, in the purported reason Mike Pence (R-Indiana) has put forward for introducing the amendment, than what is the true motivation for it?

It can be nothing other than shutting down Planned Parenthood, for no other reason than that, in addition to the other vital health services they provide to women and men, they also happen to provide abortions, which are legal medical procedures. The fact that many private citizens object to these procedures being performed doesn’t change the legality of the procedures, or the need for access to this procedure as well as the whole host of other services Planned Parenthood provides for many whom, otherwise, could not afford them and/or have nowhere else to go.

If a large, vocal segment of the population opposed life-saving heart bypass surgeries, would a congressman or congresswoman for one second, even then, dare to introduce a bill or amendment that cut off funding for all medical centers that performed this procedure? Surely not.

For one, it would be ridiculous to oppose a life-saving legal medical procedure.

If you could get past that ridiculousness though, surely still the better option would be simply to cut off direct federal funding of said procedure, not to close down medical centers that perform not only that procedure but many, other, unobjectionable and incredibly important procedures.

And then if you found that, after all, there already is a law barring federal funding of that particular procedure, why would you not drop the issue then?

Lastly, if you truly wanted to stop that procedure from happening, wouldn’t it be only logical that you be fully committed to making preventative care available that would help keep the procedure from being necessary?

This is why I’m pissed: this amendment flies in the face of logic and reason, and it’s passage flies in the face of any concept of respect or concern for the healthcare needs of the women of this nation – especially the young women, and the poor women, and the LGBTQ women, and the black and Hispanic women, who disproportionately need access to the vital medical care that Planned Parenthood provides.

I’m also pissed because it’s a bunch of dudes making decisions about MY health. What if a bunch of women got up in arms about prostate exams or ED treatment? What if I decided what was best for men’s health? I’m not saying that men have no place in this debate at all, just that their place must necessarily come behind ours. It is OUR health, after all.

This rando guy fucking pisses me off:

Almost, but not quite as much as this guy (Mike Pence):


One Response to “are you guys as pissed as I am?”

  1. emilie February 19, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    Well said. Emi. I am horrified too, though I cannot imagine that it would pass. I have my issues with Obama right now, but at least he’s not a MORON.

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