no-one-is-here, no-one-is-looking

16 May

I wish you guys could see me right now, but mostly I don’t actually wish that at all.

I don’t wish it because I am in one of my no-one-is-here, no-one-is-looking poses. I am in bed, slouching up against all the pillows we own, with the laptop on my lap (!), my shirt pulled up to just above my stomach, on top of which I rest my hand(s) as needed.

I do my fake-pregnant-lady pose a lot nowadays. It’s not really a conscious thing, but when I am struck by it in moments such as this, I don’t really feel too bad about it – if I’m gonna have this gut, it might as well have some kind of use, such as that of an armrest.

But it’s still a no-one-is-here, no-one-is-looking pose because I’m half naked, but I still have my socks on, and the slouching causes a nice double chin action, and my face looks like I’m pissed about something even when I’m not – so that just reinforces the fake-pregnancy thing. But I’m gonna show you guys anyway, because I’ve said so much about it now, and also because I have no shame.

The nipples make it worse I think. Oh well.

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