new crafts

28 Jun

Oh I’m so excited! I went to Michael’s the other day and bought a bunch of supplies to try hand-painting and embellishing some images onto wooden plaques/blocks a la the Mexican folk art I so adore. So we will see how that goes. I spent about $75, although that also includes some scrapbooking stuff I got for the on-going/never-ending wedding scrapbook project – so I can only hope this isn’t like that one time I tried to take up painting models where I just get excited for a week or two and then totally drop it altogether.

I got a sketchpad and mostly I’ve just been drawing a lot lately, practicing for when I will have to draw it onto the boards. Except what I’ve been drawing hasn’t necessarily been anything I would put on the boards. Oh well. Practice is practice, I guess.

Earlier tonight Trevor was like, “why have you been so quiet?” – which tells you something about how many times on an average night I go into his man cave to talk his ear off about something. But tonight I was drawing all evening, so I just had my headphones on and stayed in my own little corner (i.e. the dining room table which is also my de facto desk). Other than singing occasionally, I was pretty silent. I get in a zone when I’m either drawing or doing print work in general – I kind of missed that.

Here’s what happened:

A nautical-themed Dia de los Muertos skull

A unicorn helping a little girl reach a donut from the donut tree (this is not my idea, just my awful rendering of someone else’s)

And then, the other day I was actually trying to work on an Our Lady of Guadalupe image, and this is what happened:

Oh well.

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