I kind of suck at this, but I’m going to keep doing it

30 Jan

Man, epic fail.

I remember last year when I wrote that my new year’s resolution would be to write a blog post once a week. Instead, I wrote 19 posts over the course of the entire year. That’s, like, 0.37 posts a week. I don’t feel that bad about it though, guys. I’ve had a busy year – actually a busy couple of years. I’m gonna let myself slide here – but, then, I was never not going to let myself slide.

I actually just can’t believe how quickly time seems to fly by now. It drags when you’re young and all the old people are always telling you it’s going to fly by quicker than you could believe – and you can’t believe it, not yet. I feel like I wrote that resolutions post yesterday instead of last year.

A lot has happened and nothing at all. Still in cosmetology school, although that’s done in May. Still at the same job, although our revenue is up. Still happily married. Still just about to start that diet, right after I eat this one thing…

Speaking of which, the third meeting of the cookbook club is this weekend! It’s easily my favorite new thing from last year, and I hope it continues in some incarnation for months and years to come.

Reasons for me to be excited for 2012:

I graduate in May and can get my hair design & esthetics licenses and start working in the field a couple weeks after that. BOSS.

I am traveling and taking time off this year, I think moreso than the last two years, maybe combined (maybe not). In February, I’m maybe taking a weekend off to go camping. In March I am definitely going to San Antonio and Austin, Texas to visit my dad and my bestie, Sarah Mcabee. In June, I am probably only taking a day or two off since it’s semi-local, but still…to go to Erin and Eddie’s wedding (and to do Erin’s hair for said wedding!). Finally, in November I am going to NY (state and probably the city, too) for Ryan & Sarah’s wedding (different Sarah), which will be amazing all on its own, but will also be a mini-reunion of a bunch of my college alums PLUS the first time I’ve been out east since I left in 2007 PLUS hopefully the first time Trevor has been east of Wisconsin if he can come with me (I hope he can!) That’s probably about as much time off as I dare take in one year, but I also really want to sneak a quick trip down to California to see my much-visits-relegated-to-some-later-date bestie from middle school, Shawna. Her son is almost 3 and I still haven’t met him.

I am excited to (hopefully) be in a house (rented, but still a house) come the middle of this year (roundabouts). Living with roommates is going to be an adjustment, but I’m actually really excited – I think it could be a really positive adjustment. For one thing, my house will probably be cleaner than any of the four of us currently keep our own separate spaces since living with others kind of requires clutter-free living. For another, it’ll be nice to have a little bit of community at home. We all want to maintain our space, but I think we’re also all excited for the occasional shared meals and hangout time. I’m also excited to have laundry in-house, a yard and/or porch to hang out in/on, and no shared walls (well, except with the actual roomies, of course).

Mostly, I am excited to get my life back once school is done. I will miss my cosmetology school girls a lot, but I long for the spontaneity that my life has been almost totally missing since I started school. I also long for the ability to make plans with people that don’t revolve around my no-days-off, when-can-we-fit-it-in schedule. And I am really excited to do all the fun things I’ve been (mostly) holding off on over the last couple years – like joining a pool league, doing a weekly or monthly trivia night, hosting game nights, and doing more crafts and projects even when I’m at home.

Lastly, let’s be honest, one of the most exciting things happening this year is going to be my ability to earn more money while doing something I really like to do. I’m excited about getting tips, I’m excited about never having to not have lunch or not have my morning coffee for lack of a few bucks, and I’m excited to start getting really aggressive about paying down my mountain of debt. More money for the win!

Later this year, I might even blog more. But I’m making no guarantees.

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