Women Get Shit Done

23 Sep

Beyond the illogic of being mad about a man kneeling in protest and not mad (or not as mad) about the black men and women dying on the streets by police hands day in and day out, I am equally mesmerized/baffled by calls to boycott the NFL because of Colin’s protest and the organization’s “non-reaction” to it. Where were the calls to boycott the NFL the hundreds of times before this when athletes beat their wives, raped women, abused their children, etc and the NFL has completely failed to react in any real way? The majority of white american men are batshit-crazy-backwards on all this. Fucking get it together losers!

Also, while I’m sort of hovering around the subject: Let me say first that any and all officers/state actors who unjustifiably kill people should be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, so don’t get what I’m about to say twisted. But it’s just funny to me that we can very quickly charge and arrest female officers, and Asian officers, but white men appear to be some special class that we give the benefit of the doubt to at all times.

Lastly, I’m going to just say it. Women are generally better at this shit (notwithstanding the Betty Shelbys of the world) – better at compassion and belief and support and doing the hard work. Better at self-reflection and change. I, for one, am more excited than I have ever been that we may soon have a female president – hopefully it will help lead to more women in leadership positions across the political and social spectrum. Because women GET IT DONE. We listen, we hear, we respond – we are the leaders our country needs at this tumultuous time.

I’m not saying men can’t be valuable (and indeed, necessary) allies or that men don’t get shit done in their own right. But too often they are all might and power and force with no ears for listening or hearts for hearing, especially about anything outside of their own lived experience, and I am so sick of it and ready for something different. I understand that in a million ways Hillary is more of the same – but in this one, key way she is altogether different and I am so excited to see what she can do. More importantly, I’m excited to see what WE can do, together.

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